Welcome To Lakka Beach Resort

Lakka Beach Resort is a new resort developed on Sierra Leone, which was built with adventurous tourists and fisherman in mind. 

Whether you want to go out fishing in our beautiful beaches, or simply relax and sunbathe on Lakka Beach itself, you are able to enjoy yourself doing so.

While there are a huge number of hotels in Sierra Leone in Freetown areas, it can be quite expensive or packed during holiday seasons. That is one of the reasons that many tourists are coming to beach resort such as ours instead. It is idyllic and relaxing compared to being squeezed together with everyone else!

If you are looking for guest houses instead in Sierra Leone, perhaps around and near Freetown, then you are in luck. There are a number of guest houses in the Aberdeen vicinity.

If you are like us and prefer an guesthouse with an intimate and romantic setting by Lakka Beach, then come use us! Lakka Beach Resort welcomes you.

Just a short distance away from Freetown, Lakka Beach Resort is a beautiful location for you and your travelling partner(s) to rest away from the bustling capital.