Social Escorts Versus Sugar Babies – What’s The Difference?

If you have ever heard of social escorts or sugar babies in Singapore, which most men in Singapore have, you may be wondering about their differences, since they sound essentially the same to the average layperson who have not used or are simply not familiar with these terms. So what exactly are the differences between […]

Singapore Escorts – Should You Go For An Agency Escort Or Freelancer?

If you are looking for escorts in Singapore, and are confused as to whether you should look for an agency escort like, or a freelancer from a site like Skokka or Locanto, then you need to read this post! There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both agency escorts and freelance escort girls in […]

Picking Up A Part Time Escort Job In Singapore

Recently, I came across some ladies who were visiting Lakka Beach Resort. Since is not considered the cheapest place to travel to, and these young Asian ladies were wearing some seriously branded goods. Therefore, I could not resist but ask them what they worked for a living. After some to and fro, one of them […]

How To Have Better First Dates In Singapore For Singaporeans!

If you have dated before in Singapore, you would know that the first date is usually the hardest. Either you do not like the other party, or vice versa. All these boils down to first date expectations. A great way to overcome these mismatches is by simply using a dating agency such as TRUE Matchmaking […]