Picking Up A Part Time Escort Job In Singapore

Recently, I came across some ladies who were visiting Lakka Beach Resort. Since is not considered the cheapest place to travel to, and these young Asian ladies were wearing some seriously branded goods. Therefore, I could not resist but ask them what they worked for a living. After some to and fro, one of them said she was a sugar baby and an escort. I was surprised, and so I asked them more. Apparently, one works as a full time sugar baby, and a part time escort job in SG!

So what does this entail and what are some of the benefits of an escort job in Singapore?

  • Being a social escort requires one to be a companion to a client. It is usually a female escort to a male client. Entertaining them, keeping them happy among others are part of the job scope.
  • Being an escort in Singapore is apparently very financially rewarding! While in other parts of the world, people could make perhaps only $50 to $100 per hour maximum, they can make upwards of $300 to $500 per hour in Singapore!
  • Most escorts are allowed to work on a part time basis with their agency in Singapore.
  • I was surprised to learn that escorts do not actually show their face photos in Singapore, and clients are ok with that! This is actually an excellent benefit for girls who want to work as escorts but want their privacy still protected.
  • Payments are made in cash to the girls immediately, and before the meeting. This ensures that maximum cash flow is provided for the girls.