If you are looking for escorts in Singapore, and are confused as to whether you should look for an agency escort like sgvipescorts.com/, or a freelancer from a site like Skokka or Locanto, then you need to read this post!

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both agency escorts and freelance escort girls in Singapore.

Advantages of an agency escort:

First of all, if you did your search through a reputable local escort agency, you should do fine and the girl whom you look for will definitely end up looking exactly like her photographs. This is because the agency can simply recommend a different escort to you, if a particular escort does not have the best reviews. They will still make the money, and so they have no incentive to recommend you a bad one.

Second of all, if you have ordered escorts even once, you will know that many places, including even freelance girls want verification of your details. This is the case in Singapore too. The advantage with an escort agency in Singapore is that you just need to do this once. Then you can keep booking over and over again in future without hassles. There is no need for time wasting on either end.

Third of all, you want to minimize the amount of contacts you have if you want to protect your privacy. In this case, by going through just an agent, instead of multiple independents, your points of contact are kept minimal. If you are privacy conscious, going through a highly reputable and large escort agency is a big advantage.

Disadvantages of agency escorts:

If you find the wrong agency, that is either not legally registered or is knowingly operating in vice activities, you will find your details being at the Singapore police station unnecessarily. This is because the police will be investigating the agency!

Some agencies take forever to update their girls gallery. Sometimes this is the case because it has already gone defunct. Other times, they are just incapable of hiring new escorts.

Recommendations if you want to look for a local Singapore agency:

So my word of recommendation is that if you want to book an agency escort, make sure to find a legally registered, reputable and honest escort agency. Once you found it, never let it go!

Now, let us move on to freelance girls.

Advantages of freelance girls:

First of all, freelance of independent escorts usually outnumber agency escorts by a nearly 10:1 ratio in Singapore. So if you want choice, go for this. However, there is a caveat which I will mention later below.

Second of all, some of them can be really cheap! This is especially the case if you prefer South East Asian but non-Singaporean escorts. Singaporean girls usually come at a large premium. They cost about the same whether you go through an agency or themselves. However, foreign girls are usually far cheaper as independents.

Disadvantages of independent escorts:

This one is usually a deal breaker for most clients, unless you have a lot of free time. Most independents in Singapore use fake photographs! If a girl looks too pretty, and yet she sounds even vaguely affordable, chances are it is a scam. There is a reason why many veteran clients of escorts in Singapore usually avoid unknown independents like the plague.

Second of all, many listings look active, but are actually inactive. The reason for this is because these foreigners arrive in Singapore and then post a listing. However, when they leave Singapore, they do not delete it. This results in lots of listings on freelance sites with defunct numbers and contact details.

Third of all, not so good looking and bad independents will still you that they are good. They are definitely biased. This is because they make no money if they refer you to another escort who suits you more! This is unlike that of an agency.

Recommendations if you insist on independent or freelance social escorts:

If you want to go the freelance route, then looking for a sugar baby or a well known independent like Courtesan Cara is your best option in Singapore.