If you have ever heard of social escorts or sugar babies in Singapore, which most men in Singapore have, you may be wondering about their differences, since they sound essentially the same to the average layperson who have not used or are simply not familiar with these terms.

So what exactly are the differences between escorts and sugar babies?

Without further ado, let us talk about the differences between both of them in the context of Singapore.

Social escorts are pay per meet and sugar babies are put on a weekly or monthly allowance

First of all, social escorts are considered and what you will call pay per meet. This means that you pay them each time to meet, and you only pay them when you meet the escort girl. You do not need to pay any maintenance fees, nor do you need to keep paying her even if you do not happen to be free to meet her some weeks.

When it comes to sugar babies, most of these girls in Singapore usually prefer a monthly or weekly allowance. This means that you pay her something like a retainer. You pay her whether or not you have changes in your schedule, as it functions quite similarly to a monthly retainer fee. This means that even if your schedule changes, but if you wish to keep a popular girl as your sugar baby, you will likely need to pay her, or she will not reply you in future, as they are in it for the money only most of the time.

As a result, for men who have such time demands instead from their work and do not want to meet on a fixed and frequent basis, social escorts are cheaper as result when you compare them to a sugar baby.

Escorts are service providers, while sugar babies are a no strings attached type of girlfriend with financial commitments for you

Second of all, local Singaporean escorts in Singapore usually work under an agency. This means that when you engage them, you are engaging a service provider, and the girl is simply being paid to be your companion during that period of time you engage her for. You are the client, and the escort is your paid companion.

On the other hand, a sugar baby is basically like your girlfriend, just that the relationship is often times held together only by your money, and that other than that, it is generally speaking no strings attached, and she will have her own life otherwise. A sugar baby in a non-exclusive arrangement can also date others, and you as her sugar daddy too. In short, escorts are seen as more of a service provider, while a sugar baby is not.

Social escorts have no interest in texting you, sugar babies may be interested depending on the arrangement

Third of all, as social escorts in Singapore are just service providers, they have absolutely no interest in caring about your personal lives at all. There is no need to worry about them probing you uncomfortably in terms of asking invasive or private questions, and they will also have no desire to keep in contact with you whenever you are not with them. It is the true no strings attached relationship girlfriend experience.

When it comes to sugar babies, the lines are more blurred. Some of them see it as work, but many of them do sometimes see it as something more. This means that some of them may be interested in taking the relationship up another step and be really interested in you. Additionally, because every girl is also different, this means that while some of them may not bother you, some may want to get out of a no strings attached relationship and arrangement, and become clingy to you. However, for the Singaporean men who want a no strings attached relationship, this can become your worst and biggest nightmare. This is especially the case if it blows completely out of control and she enters your personal life.

So there you go, the above are the main differences between social escorts and sugar babies.