How To Have Better First Dates In Singapore For Singaporeans!

If you have dated before in Singapore, you would know that the first date is usually the hardest. Either you do not like the other party, or vice versa. All these boils down to first date expectations. A great way to overcome these mismatches is by simply using a dating agency such as TRUE Matchmaking or Lunch Actually.

Some things which can be seen as normal in Western countries can be seen as weird in Singapore

When two people go on a first date in Singapore, it can be a bit awkward, especially for those with less dating experience. In Western countries where everyone is more liberal, more opinions, thoughts and actions during the first date may be seen as normal. However, in a conservative Asian country such as Singapore, it can be seen as weird.

For instance, nobody will bat an eyelid to kissing or such stuff on the first date in Western countries. However, among more conservative groups in Singapore, it can be seen as taboo.

So how then do you make sure that your first date is not awkward?

A very big key is to make sure that you focus on enjoying yourself. The worst thing you can do on a first date is to try to bag that beautiful lady or attract that suave guy. You want to put the focus and effort into enjoying the date.

The second key is to also do something that can allow both of you to interact! Some people like going for movies at the cinemas, however, that is a bad idea. You probably are unable to talk to each other during the movie. How do you create attraction then? You want some activity that is relaxing yet allows both of you to interact with each other. For instance, rock climbing is not good because it is too intense as mentioned by one of the girls in the video shown below.

For more tips, make sure to catch the following video!

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